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We got really good stuff coming your way !


Hello Dear Friends of Living Inline and Monday Night Magic,



I am so thankful for all of your loving participation, energy and support this past Monday as so many of you attended and many more wished us well and wished for us an abundance of success and I awoke today with a feeling of excitement.



Here’s why:


I am excited for the possibilities that are to come. I am excited to hear from you and to learn from you and to help you and support you.



I want to help you stay anchored to the stage of consciousness where you know you deserve more and that you can move forward!


Perhaps you are ready for a change as so many shared. Perhaps it is more of an internal pattern that you want to shift. Perhaps you are ready to grow professionally, financially, spiritually or personally in a relationship.


I want to help you with that and I can.




I urge you to write, record your voice, video yourself, or email me anything that bubbles up for you.



You might see a hint on a license plate; you may overhear a co-worker or a friend mention a book that really meets a need. The bottom line is your antennae will be alert as you have internally started the process of creating a greater quality of life for yourself.



I am thankful for your trust and I will never take you for granted.


I know that it is a commitment to attend Monday Night Magic and I want to assure you that we will put our all into every class, conversation and discussion we have with you.



If you would like to see the quality of programming we offer. Just peak at who our last guest speaker was on October 5th! Not a dry eye in the room!

Watch the Anthony Robles Video Here:





The next class takes place on Monday October 19th at 7:30 pm at Living Inline and at the Community Chocolate Community Center . Please arrive at 7:15 pm if you can, grab a comfy seat and some organic lemonade, as it is sure to be an amazing event you will not want to miss!




To sign up in advance if you already have not, here is the link to purchase one class, multiple classes or the yearly pass to Monday Night Magic, and please share this link with your friends.





I am grateful for you, I believe in you, and I see all green lights ahead for you as this is going to be a sweet and abundant year!






Dr. J

Dr. Jason Kolber

Living Inline & the Community Chocolate Center

Monday Night Magic














See below for the future class schedule

100%- Dr. J











Class#1 -Monday September 21st- Success!

Class #2 -Monday October 5th- WOW!  Huge Success Anthony Robles was amazing! Is Amazing!

Class #3-Monday October 19th- Don’t miss this one- It is about” How to get out of your own way! “   It will rock.

Class #4 -Monday November 2nd

Class #5 -Monday November 16th

Class #6- Monday November 30th

Class #7 Monday Dec 14th

Class #8- Monday December 21st fun evening dinner get-together and special program







Address: 4221 e. chandler blvd #114 phx az 85048

( 1 block east of Ahwatukee Trader Joe’s if you need a tip for navigation )






I appreciate you and believe in you and I am grateful for you!







Let the magic unfold