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  • Is there an easy way to understand what our nervous system is and how it works in our bodies?

    In General, it is the nervous system that allows us to receive information from the outside world around us, and the inside world within us.

    For many people, their experience of life has become narrow and flat. When you examine many people’s physical and sensory perception, they are not able to or are commonly not reaching the depth of sensory perception that they could or have in the past. Their nervous system has become dulled or worse, overstimulated to the point that stimuli has caused one’s physiology, and specifically the nervous system to act as though it is on “over-drive”. Thus, when one has become overstimulated their reactions within their body, and in life are typically way out of proportion with regard to their actual experiences.

    When someone bites into a strawberry, it is the nervous system which enables them to notice the texture, the amazing color, or the vibrant flavor of the delicious fruit. When someone touches someone else, it is the nervous system which enables them to know the depth of the feeling behind that touch, or perhaps, the information within that touch. For example, we automatically can “feel” the difference between the touch of an acquaintance, and the embrace of a dear and close friend.

    The N.S. helps all of us to learn and to pay attention to how our actions impact our lives. When one is drinking an extra cup of coffee, smoking a cigarette or perhaps doing something that may not be generally healthy for them, the nervous system will give them instant feedback as to whether or not they should partake in any more of a certain behavior. Perhaps, they may receive an inner cue that tells them that it may be time to say “Enough of this” .

    Ultimately, the nervous system is a powerful information highway, which, when fine-tuned, can give us the ability necessary to make choices that lead us towards reaching a greater level of ease and life enjoyment.

    With the increasing demands which are present in everyday life, it is essential to have a clear and properly functioning nervous system as it is the nervous system which acts as the communication highway that interconnects every cell tissue and organ in your body!

    The hands on care we provide at Living Inline focuses on the nervous system We are inspired by the quality of life and health changes we consistently see in our practice members’ lives.

  • I heard about your “Coaching Programs”- What exactly is Coaching?

    Many people today in one way or another are in fact “Life Coaches” . Whether it be in the corporate sector, or in the development and advancement of one’s personal life, “Coaching” has evolved to become a profession that helps people express their true potential. On a very literal level, Coaching is simply an advanced and specialized set of communication and relating skills, which helps clients define what matters most to them, and gives them the life skills to craft a deeply meaningful and fulfilling personal and professional experience. Ultimately Coaching helps one focus upon what he or she most greatly desires to move towards, or possibly move away from.

    In the early 80′s, the first ‘modern’ coaches appeared . Articles and stories regarding coaching have been present throghout the media (Newsweek, Oprah, Time, NBC Nightly News, Donahue, NY Times, The Times (London), and others) and both the corporate world, and the general public has become more aware that coaching isn’t just about soccer or basketball, but is its own profession and available to everyone.

  • I have heard you refer to people as practice members instead of patients. What is the difference?

    A patient is typically defined as someone who is sick or ill.A practice member is someone who is empowered to make choices about their own health. We want to work with what is naturally right inside of you and help that to become more greatly expressed as opposed to solely focussing on what is wrong within you.

    As a practice member we value you as a team member, and we welcome your feedback as to how we can more greatly serve others.

  • I noticed that there were children in your office. Why do children need to receive your care?

    Great question!

    If a child has had a stressful birth or if the child has ever had a fall, the spine can become misaligned and the essential messages that run through the nerves to every tissue, cell, organ and body system, especially the immune system can become compromised. These falls, impacts or even emotional upsets, can effect a child’s digestion, sleep patterns, moods, ability to breathe easily, their critical thinking, and even their reproductive organs.

    At Living Inline many parents have shared with us that while under care, their childrenâs learning capacity increased, and their athletic performance has become more refined.

    In addition we have served the abused children at The Child Crisis Center in Mesa, Arizona, for these children are the epitome of someone who has become overloaded with emotional stress which ultimately shows up in the tissues of the body. ( Please click here to see the news coverage video clip)******

    Children are a joy to serve and recently when a mother was putting her daughter to sleep, she asked her what her favorite part of the day was. The child replied, “Going to Living Inline Mommy!”

    Lorena, Age 5

  • What does a balancing session feel like?

    People look forward to coming to our office and when we say, “It is great to see you!”, most people reply by saying “It’s great to be here!”

    The actual balancing session is rather relaxing. You remain fully clothed and experience many gentle touches along your spinal column while resting on your stomach or sitting up on the adjusting table. There is often soft music playing or the sound of running water present.

    Typically people feel as though they have just had a restful nap while under our care. Most people feel their muscles unwinding and they may crave to take a deeper and more full breath.

    We serve everyone from newborns to senior citizens, which requires us to be precise, nurturant and gentle. We have created an environment for you that takes you away from the pressures of daily life! Our goal is for you to ultimately experience your body/mind functioning on a higher level and for your nervous system to have more flexibility so that you are better able to adapt to life’s changes, and have more energy reserves available for your personal life.

  • After my first session what can I expect to feel?

    Bliss! Just kidding, but at times pretty close!

    Other times you may feel muscles pulling, as your body is changing and striving to regain balance. Some people notice an increase in energy immediately! Others feel as though they are ready for a nap and find that they also receive a good night’s sleep. At times, some notice that they use the restroom more frequently as their body releases toxins. All of these responses are a natural part of the healing process and will be unique to each individual.

  • What if I already feel good. Can I still benefit from this care?

    (We love this question!)

    This care can benefit all individuals whether they are at their most radiant levels of health, or if they are experiencing a level of health that is less than ideal.

    Dr. Jason currently flies 2 days a week working with the top players in Major League Baseball, the LPGA and the PGA to help them express their greatest potential. Athletes understand that peak performance comes from accessing their greatest levels of physiological and mental/emotional function.

    We take care of one of the top tri-atheletes in the country who comes to us before and after competition to remain at his peak levels of performance. We serve the top female black belt champion in the country (age group 20-23) because she feels more flexible and dynamic during competition. We see a lot of high school and college students, on a regular basis because they often feel that this care helps them focus before exam time.

    Many people who work in the corporate arena receive our care on their lunch break or after work and find it an essential part of their daily strategies to keep up with the demands of both work, and family. Parents find Living Inline to be a welcome retreat and teachers have even told us that they feel more patient with their students after receiving care.

    We also love to serve children who have never had a health challenge, and come to us via their caring parents who want their children’s immune system and energy level functioning at it s best! In addition, we serve grandparents who want to make sure their energy is high for their grandkids and their ability to dance with grace continues throughout their years!

    We personally receive this care regularly and we enjoy the benefits of increased energy, less stress, and an extremely high quality of life.

  • How long is each balancing session?

    On your first visit we will go over your health profile together, complete a thorough spinal exam including digital photographs, and utilize our SEMG (surface electromyography technology) that gives us a readout of the electricity of your nerves. You will also receive your first balancing session .

    You can expect to be with us for about 60 minutes on your first visit.

    On your second visit, we will review with you all of the findings that we have discovered, and then share with you an ideal strategy to help you experience vibrant health and wellbeing.

    You will be with us on your second visit for approximately 35 minutes and after that each session lasts approximately 20 minutes.

    To take your next step in getting started please download our health profile.

    We look forward to serving you and helping you reach your Ideal Life and your Ideal levels of Health!

  • How long and how often should I come to the office?

    Most of our practice members find that once they experience what it feels like to live at their highest and most vibrant parts of health they choose to receive care on a regular and ongoing basis. They see it as a way of taking care of their body/mind just as they would eat organic, healthy food or drink fresh water or even get regular exercise.

    Practice Members usually begin care in Level 1 by receiving 2 to 3 sessions each week. By Level 2 Members are receiving about 2 sessions each week and in Level 3 members visit Living Inline once a week or once every other week.

    Usually, it takes approximately 9 months for people to complete levels 1 and 2 of care, and then they look forward to receiving Level 3 of care on a wellness basis.

  • This is so unique, how can I explain what you do to my friends and family?

    Great question!

    We are grateful that you want to share the Living Inline vision. First of all, please refer them to this website. Secondly, if you are already under Care, please share with others what your experience has been like receiving this care in our office or an office similar to ours. People learn best through stories for they are able to see how the common themes in your experiences apply to their life!

    Or you might want to invite one of your friends and family to one of our sample night’s

  • How will I know if this is working for me?

    Everyone is unique so people will experience the benefits of Care in different ways. Some people respond to the Care with the awareness that they have a greater sense of ease. Others report that their lung capacity is increasing; they take deeper breaths or can breathe easier. Some feel as though they donât get sick as often, and if they do feel run down, they tend to bounce back faster. Some people experience muscles pulling in areas that they may never have felt before. We always tell people to congratulate themselves at this point for their body is starting to change! Many people also report that they sleep better, while some say that they actually find they need less sleep.

    Some notice they have increased flexibility in their golf swing, or during their tennis matches, and others share that they are actually craving physical exercise for the first time. In any case, a majority of people notice their quality of life increasing in a way that is unique to their own needs.

  • What should I wear during a session?

    Most people find that they are most comfortable when they wear loose clothing to the office. However, many people come to Living Inline on their lunch hour, or directly after work, and whatever they are wearing seems to work out just fine.

  • Should I exercise or get a massage while experiencing your Care?

    During Part 1 of Care, we suggest if anyone is going to receive any form of body work, that this care be extremely gentle and non-invasive. Your body is learning a new language and we do not want anyone to apply a force into your system which is inconsistent with the objectives of our care.

    As far as exercise, we typically recommend that people take part in flowing movements such as swimming, riding bicycles, taking walks, gentle yoga, or tai chi. Tennis is definitely fine as well (Dr. J loves tennis) and golfing is typically suitable as well.

    We recommend that people take a little more precaution and warm up before activity to avoid any undue stress to the musculature.

    During the first 8 weeks, if people do crave to lift weights or body build, we suggest using a lower amount of weight and utilizing higher amounts of repetitions.

  • How is what you do different from other health care and wellness practices?

    First let us share what is similar and then what is different. Similar to many health care practices, we embrace the powerful concept that having a healthy spine and nervous system is paramount to your overall health and well being. Having a clear and open communication system between your brain and your body is always essential for proper and optimum body function. In addition, we too embrace the concept that your body has a natural creative wisdom and intelligence inside of it which helps you to adapt and thrive in life.
    The way we differ from many wellness and health practices is that we have departed from the mission of placing our emphasis upon a stuck part of your body, in that we are not attempting to treat you as a bundle of symptoms. It is not our goal to help you to stay where you are or return back to who you have always been; rather our intention is to use our skills to help you become who you have always wanted to be so that you may accomplish more of what you want to in life and in health.
    Although there are many forms of hands on health care , rarely has anyone delievered a system that elicits profound results from practitioners who truly care. We are grateful to share that we successfully accomplish this objective on a daily basis for so many dedicated individuals and families.