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Dr. Jason Kolber and Dr. Elissa Katz are a husband and wife team dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families through a hands on approach to health as well as through ongoing multimedia educational programs.

Originally from Evanston, Illinois, Dr. Jason is grateful to say that he has finally escaped the brutal winters of Chicago and now truly considers himself a West Coast native! Dr. Jason has always had a passion for health and healing, and he knows that this interest comes from the fact that his father has been involved in health & healing for almost 50 years.

Meet Dr. Jason

After Dr. Jason realized that a 72-mile an hour fast ball probably wouldn’t cut it in the big leagues, he started questioning how could he truly make an impact on other’s lives.


He started investigating why it was that he had always experienced radiant health and energy and truly realized that health had very much become a way of life for he and his family.

When he walked into professional school and saw this gorgeous woman walking down the hall, he knew his dreams had been answered for he had always wanted to share his mission and his passion with someone who held health in such a high regard as well. This can definitely be said as an accurate description of his wife, Dr. Elissa.

Meet Dr. Elissa

Dr. Elissa is originally from Los Angeles, but most people associate her with the many years she spent enjoying the ocean waves of warm and sunny Santa Barbara. Every few months or so when Dr. Elissa gets a deep craving for the ocean, for Arizona tends to have “dry heat” as many say, she convinces Dr. Jason to take a break and venture off to San Diego or Santa Barbara.


Dr. Elissa grew up with the “traditional view” that health is something that comes from “outside of you”. In her teens, she realized that she could become an active participant in shaping her own health and well being. She officially began her journey within the health and healing fields with an interest in herbal medicine, and intuitive massage therapy. In many ways, she has always been a health practitioner even before she received her degree. Dr. Elissa takes pride in the fact that she inspires people to trust their innate ability to heal.

Little did Dr. Elissa know that she would meet her match all the way across the country in a small town in South Carolina, called Spartanburg. As Dr. Elissa describes it, Dr. Jason basically followed her and her parents all around the school as they toured the educational facility. Needless to say, Dr. Jason was a motivated student.

Dr. Stephanie Mancuso

We are very grateful to share that our close friend, Dr. Stephanie Mancuso has joined our team at Living Inline. Thank you for welcoming her with open arms and warm words & we know that everyone she serves is in good hands. ( pun intended)


Here are a few words from Stephanie and she works at Living Inline on Tuesdays and Frodays and she welcomes the opportunity to meet all of you in person, and to thoroughly understand your specific goals and needs.

Hello Living Inline Community!

My name is Dr. Stephanie Mancuso, and Drs. Jason and Elissa have asked me to share a little bit about myself. I am originally from the “burbs” of Northern New Jersey (just outside New York City!), and I dedicated many of my early years in the East Coast to being a competitive gymnast.

During that time I learned first hand the effect that nutrition (what I ate) played in my performance, as well as the effect that posture (the window to the spine) had on my whole body function.

My years in athletics motivated me to study Nutrition and Dietetics in College and Graduate School and I became a Registered Dietitian in the intensive and critical care clinical settings. After a few years of working in hospitals and trauma centers, I became very disillusioned with the “outside-in” traditional health care system and I decided to do something more pro-active and preventative.

Around that time, I was involved in an accident that damaged my spine. I began seeing a Chiropractor and I was blown away by the WHOLE body effect and improvement on my overall performance. I experienced better posture, better digestion, deeper breathing, more ease in my body, less internal stress, and elimination of allergies that plagued me for years.

I believe”There is always an advantage to adversity” and it was that accident that began my journey to explore wholism, vitalism, and subsequently Chiropractic school where I discovered my passion for really making a difference in the healing of the world!

I went on to attend Life University in Marietta, Georgia where I actually first met Dr Jason during a conference. I graduated with honors in 1998 and after graduation, moved to Arizona to join my brother in practice in Mesa and Scottsdale. In 2003 I expanded my mission to serving clients from all over the world, both “nutritionally and chiropractically”. My greatest mission is to shift the consciousness of the world from a disease care model to a health care model and to enhance thousands of lives in the process.

Part of my mission involves helping women to create the pregnancy and birth of their dreams! I am certified in the Webster technique, and I enjoy assisting women in having peaceful pregnancies, shorter labor time and easier births.
Early in practice I envisioned that all babies have their spines checked at birth. This passion catapulted me into becoming a Fellow of the International Chiropractor’s Pediatric Association (FICPA) – an organization of chiropractic family practitioners dedicated to advancing public awareness and attainment of the chiropractic family wellness lifestyle.  >>

I currently live in Scottsdale with my son, Aidan, who has been adjusted since birth. “Aidan is so coordinated, athletic, and in tune with his own body and often reminds me to check his spine!

Like many of you, I have traveled from Scottsdale to Ahwatukee to receive the magic of Living Inline’s balancing sessions and what a difference it makes for me, my body, how I serve my practice members and my life. I am so excited and honored to join the Dynamic Duo (that is what I call Dr Jason and Dr Elissa) in serving you… the very special Living Inline Community.

With Excitement to Serve You….

Dr Stephanie