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One of the most enjoyable experiences that you can indulge in at Living Inline is the Living Inline Balancing Session.

These sessions focus on enhancing your body’s ability to more greatly dissipate stress and begin to function with harmony, resiliency and peace. Each session enhances the function of every tissue, cell and organ of your body by increasing the health of your nervous system and your immune system through very gentle but specific touches to the spine.

Your Living Inline experience literally begins when you enter into a soothing environment where you will feel yourself escaping from the pressures of everyday life. During your relaxing Balancing Session, you remain fully clothed and experience many gentle touches along your spinal column from Dr. Jason, Dr. Elissa or Dr. Stephanie while resting on your stomach or sitting up.

There is often soft music playing or the sound of a bubbling fountain present. Typically people feel as though they have just had a restful nap while under our care. Many people report feeling their muscles unwinding and they may crave to take a more full and deeper breath. Once you experience your mind and body functioning on a higher level, you will have more peace in your nervous system, ease and flexibility in your body, and you will be better able to adapt to life’s changes.

This care ultimately helps you to pay closer attention to the deepest health needs of your body. Often when we are under stress we tend to ignore the signals our body gives us before it shuts down or begins to function within a survival mode.

When you create a strategy to deal with stress within your body AND within your life, you begin to recycle the energy of that stress which holds you back, and you begin to use this energy to propel you forward towards further fulfillment, accomplishment, and success.

As you progress through care, you may find that you have a renewed sense of value for your health. We often witness how our practice members literally begin to experience what it feels like to create a new “Commitment to Health” for themselves.

During the care you will receive at Living Inline, you may find yourself redefining what matters most to you. As you become more actively involved in shaping your life and your health, you will be encouraged to evaluate what things in your life support you being at your best.

• Ensure that your body remains a vehicle that can propel you forward towards all that you want in life, instead of being another obstacle that holds you back.

• Help generate and support your natural energy level so that you attract success and fulfillment as opposed to striving for it with much effort.

• Help you to trust your body’s natural healing responses and rhythms to the point that your norm is “health” rather than “disease.”

• Dissipate tension and increase your energy. You will tend to crave healthier things such as: better foods, more fresh air, more self time, and a desire to participate in more movement and exercise.

In addition, if you already feel yourself functioning at a healthy level, this process can only sharpen the tools and health resources you already possess within your mind and body and increase your overall physiological performance levels. We see this with the many athletes that we serve both on an amateur and professional level.

On your first visit at Living Inline we’ll review your Comprehensive Health Profile together, complete a thorough spinal exam including digital photographs, and utilize our SEMG (surface electromyograph technology) that gives us a readout of the electrical firing pattern of your nerves. You will also receive your first balancing session.

You can expect to be with us for about 60 minutes on your first visit.

On your second visit, we will review with you all of the findings that we have discovered, and then share with you an ideal strategy to help you experience vibrant health and well-being.

You will be with us on your second visit for approximately 40 minutes and after that each session lasts approximately 20-25 minutes.

The blueprint for your balancing sessions at Living Inline will guide you through three consecutive parts of care. For this reason, you are assured that during this gentle process you will continually feel successful as you advance through care.

Part one of care is also called Recovery Care. This is where you will begin.

A significant benefit of Part One is that you will be able to recover from accumulated chemical, emotional, and physical stressors that have been stored in your body and in your nervous system. These stressors contribute to you feeling as though you are existing within and reacting from the fight or flight patterns of fatigue, overwhelm and stress.

The goal of part one is to help you regain flexibility and ease in your body. You can look forward to recovering from past and upsetting events, and gain a greater level of energy that may have been otherwise under utilized.

The amount of time that you may participate and spend in Part One is directly proportional to the amount of past and present stress your body and nervous system has experienced, as well as how well you respond to care, and your awareness and respect for “tuning in” to and “listening” to what your body naturally craves and needs during this process. (i.e. more water, more rest, more quiet time, different foods)

In part one of care, we will typically see you 2 to 3 times a week for approximately 8 weeks.

Halfway through your Part One experience you will receive another SEMG scan as a comparison to see how you are progressing through care.

At the end of Part One, we will sit down with you and conduct what is called a Part One Re-evaluation. At this point you will have the opportunity to fill out a subjective questionnaire which gives you the opportunity to review how your quality of life has improved in relation to this care. Following the reevaluation you will move into Part Two.

Before I came to Inline I was to put it simply “a mess” My son had been coming to Inline and said that I should come here. How simply grateful I am to my son for telling me about the wonderful service and people there are here! My work is very stressful and my health had been deteriorating for some time. After coming to Inline, not only have I seen a major change in myself, and how I feel, but other significant people in my life have noticed these positive changes, my mental outlook has improved drastically in addition to feeling so much better too!

Thank you Inline and Dr. Jason and Dr. Elissa for being a part of my life!
Joyce Cadenhead

I seem to be sleeping a lot better. Thanks!
Rene Apps

Nothing else has ever worked like this, and I have no idea why it does. It just does. It is a victory to move like this-  a miracle. I am still surprised by it but I am very willing to get used to it. It sounds terrible but my body has been my enemy and now this has given me a lot more peace in myself.
Bev Deeds

In part One, you may be aware of:

• Reduction in overall spinal tension during and between sessions
• Greater ease in standing straighter
• An increase in breath
• Changes in your spinal curves and posture
• More awareness of your spine
• Pleasant sensations in your body (more ease)
• Changes in how your body and spine move
• An awareness of muscles pulling in areas that you may not have been aware of previously
• How you hold tension in your body and what releases that tension
• Your body’s natural rhythms – you may become more in tune with what your body wants in relation to sleep, rest, exercise, movement and diet.

Part Two of care is commonly called Rejuvenation Care.

The benefits you will receive from Part Two include clearing the dominant  patterns that you may have stored with in your body, spine, muscles and nervous system.

When these dominant energy blockages are present, people report that they often feel lethargic, fuzzy, and low on energy and that their immune system at times seems rather depleted. When unresolved, these dominant energy blockages and patterns typically hold people back from feeling 100% vibrant.

In Part One of care, you were able to successfully dissipate and recover from tension stored in your body. With Part Two of care your body is able to create a strategy so that when you are exposed to chemical, emotional and physical stressors, you no longer re-create the same detrimental patterns in your body and nervous system.

This is exciting because you will not respond to situations in the same reactive way. Clearing patterns in Part Two enables people to live within a fresh, proactive physiological and emotional state with the flexibility and capability to adapt to and cope with changes that occur in daily life.

Commonly, what people report to us is that stressful events that they are exposed to, no longer drain them. For example, many report that they feel more capable and successful in life, whether that be a teacher feeling more patient with her students, a corporate manager more greatly able to stay organized and delegate, or an athlete who is able to make laser quick decisions without a trace of hesitancy.

Since I began care, I have noticed substantial changes in the area of my physical health: remarkable increase in my White Blood Cells, more natural energy flow, increase in self awareness- Less findings of Lupus- SLE- I am experiencing an overall feeling of wellness.

Dr. Judy Cesar

Before starting care at Living Inline my immune system was very poor, If I were to get sick I would be incapacitated for a couple of days. Now, I feel like my body can fight off sickness that would have put me out of commission. My immune system seems to have kicked in!

Nicole Marusiak

This care has to be the wave of the future. It has made me feel better about myself and my surroundings. I think one of the most valuable things I have learned is to how to listen to my body. I have become even more aware of what my body is doing to compensate for stress, etc., and also learned how to relax that part that is tensing up. I hope you will give Jason and Elissa a chance to help you.

Sue Toomey

At times during Part Two of care people also report experiencing profound emotional well being changes in life. These changes typically are described as a sense of:

• More peace
• Less anxiety and fear over vague concerns
• Less worry
• Having more joy and balance

In Part two you may observe or experience:

• Areas that may have been “asleep” in your body begin to awaken
• Making different or more appropriate choices that support your increasing sense of health and well being (i.e. changes in diet, exercise habits, job, sleep, relationships)
• Responding more appropriately to life changes
• Discovering how great you can feel!

In part Two of care, we will typically see you 2 times a week for approximately 4-6 months.

As you move through Part Two you may notice that you have a greater desire to become more of a participant in your own health care. At this point if you haven’t already done so, you may want to participate in our Living Inline Coaching programs.

As you move into Part Three of care you become a member of the “Quality of Life Club”.

Part THREE of care is called Quality of Life Care for a good reason. At this point in care you have successfully cleared many of the dominant patterns that may have held you back in your body and in your life. You may choose to come to our office for care on a wellness basis to build upon the healthy foundation that you have created within your body/mind.

Part 3 is an enjoyable process for there is naturally more freedom and ease within your body, and typically, people report that life feels more like how they had imagined it to be.

Normally, in Part Three people visit Living Inline once a week or bi-monthly. Similar to eating organic food, or drinking purified water, people at this point in care realize that the quality of life that they derive from the Living Inline Balancing Sessions and Coaching Programs is something that they want to continue to enjoy. Ultimately, what we see occur is that people’s visits to Living Inline becomes a delicious habit!

I have found a path that has taken me further than I have ever gone. I am becoming clearer about who I am and what I want for my life.

Marcia Shaffer

As I have told you before I am a very process oriented person. I believe this is a piece of the process that I have been overlooking in my mind/body/spirit journey. Thanks for showing it to me! I know there is so much more to come and I can hardly wait.”

Cindy Bailey

Since I have been at Living Inline, I have seen my athletic performance improve, my physical well being has improved, and my emotional health as well. It also feels as though I have grown an inch and my vertical jump has increased!

In addition in terms of track and field, my breathing is now tremendous, and after running a few laps I recover quickly and my breathing has increased.

Alexis Counts

This is one of the best decisions I have ever made for more reasons than just my spine. Dr. Elissa Katz and Dr. Jason Kolber are warm, wonderful people dedicated to help us maximize our body’s ability to function normally. Their techniques are very subtle and gentle and at first I was a bit skeptical. But I have become a true believer in what they are doing.

Not only does my back feel 100% better, but I have more energy and I’m a happier calmer person. The real surprise about the care I am receiving at Inline is how much it has affected my mental attitude and general outlook on life.

My husband noticed the difference almost immediately. He’s glad too that I’ve discovered Inline! I can enthusiastically recommend Inline to anyone who is interested in improving his or her health and well being. Try it! You’ll be glad you did!

Susan Shea

This is truly an opportunity to invest in you. Investments gather worth over time and your health is something that accrues interest at an incredible rate.

Ready to begin! Great, and so are we. If you would like to meet with us please request an appointment.


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