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At Living Inline, We Are Committed To Helping You Live Your Life In Balance While Still Achieving All That You Desire!

Living Inline offers you a unique Life Care Model which incorporates both the essence of health care and the dynamics of coaching. This Life Care model helps you develop your personal blueprint for success.

Following the Blueprint helps you enjoy the benefits of radiant health and gives you the opportunity to create a life that is joyful, effortless and fulfilling.

A well designed blueprint begins with a strong foundation. When you join Living Inline as a practice member, you become the architect for your life and your health as you define exactly what it is that you want to move towards.

The tools you are given begin with completing our Comprehensive Life and Health profile in which you explore what energizes you and what supports you in life. In addition, you will uncover exactly what it is that drains your energy, what holds you back, and what you are ready to change.

As your plans begin to unfold, it may become apparent how intertwined your health is with your life, for so often your “life story” shows up in your body.

Whenever you experience physical, chemical, or emotional stressors, you may store that stress as tension in your body. This often starts the process of living in what is called the “fight or flight” response. When you experience “fight or flight” your body typically produces a “stress chemistry” that is associated with feelings of overwhelm, anxiousness, and possibly even fear. Consistently living in a pattern that negatively affects your physical, mental, and emotional well-being will always affect your quality of life and health.

Today, many people experience an “adrenaline lifestyle” due to lack of rest, overwork, draining obligations, inadequate personal time and space as well as an absence of strategies to replenish and renew themselves. Long term adrenaline living will cause your body to behave as though “fight or flight ” is your normal way to cope.

Although life has its challenges and demands, if your body and mind is still reacting from a stressful event hours, days, weeks, and even months after the event has occurred, then you may be living out of old and inappropriate patterns in your physiology. You may be taking actions in your life which no longer serve you and are no longer consistent with whom you want to be.

It may be time to notice what drains you, your health, and your overall life enjoyment.

Many people experience how clutter drains their vital energy. When we have clutter in our homes, our desks, our offices or our cars, we may at times feel as though we have no new space from which to create. This principle also stands true within our bodies. If our body is filled with old, stressful and toxic events, choices, experiences, and thought patterns, there can be no room for a creative life, abundant health, and self-advancement.

We can help.

Your care plan and your coaching experience is unique at Living Inline in that you will receive assistance in building a strategy to dissipate the tension from your body, so that you no longer are living from a fight or flight pattern. This is achieved through the Living Inline Balancing Session. In addition, you also have the opportunity to create new strategies for your life, so that your daily living nurtures your newly found, fresh and free flowing physiology.


Through co-creating and following your personal Living Inline Blueprint for success, you become aware that you can create much more available space in your life. As you begin to generate new and vibrant health through the balancing sessions, and you participate in our coaching programs, you start to experience what it feels like to have more space, more time, and eventually more of an energy reserve.

If this applies to any one area of your life, then there is room for renewal for you. There is room for you to co-design and to reformat just exactly what it is that you want in your life and in your health, and now you have the tools to manifest that which you desire. We welcome you to Living Inline. Please check out how our Balancing Sessions and our Coaching Programs can help you!
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