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It is our sincere pleasure to welcome you to this very special resource for information, tools, and strategies designed to help you live your most dynamic life possible while still remaining 100% balanced. Here you will find the support you need to live the best life you possibly can; one where you are happy, fulfilled, and meeting your life and health goals!


You are invited to share in a rare opportunity to refine what it is that you really want out of life and health, and how to achieve it! You will benefit from a successful formula that we have developed through coaching thousands of clients. This gives you the blueprint necessary for designing your most attractive life and attaining your most radiant levels of health and well being. An exciting and unique aspect of this blueprint which you can indulge in is the Living Inline balancing session !

Your Living Inline experience begins when you enter you into a soothing environment where you will feel yourself escaping from the pressures of everyday life. During your relaxing Living Inline balancing session, you remain fully clothed and experience many gentle applications of touch along your spinal column from Dr. Jason or Dr. Elissa or Dr. Stephanie while resting on your stomach or sitting up.

There is often soft music playing or the sound of running water present.Typically people feel as though they have just had a restful nap while under our care. Many people report feeling their muscles unwinding and they may crave to take a more full and deeper breath. Once you experience your body and mind functioning on a higher level, you will have more peace in your nervous system, ease and flexibility in your body and you will be better able to adapt to life changes.

You are encouraged to come and visit our office in Phoenix, Arizona to see for yourself what the Living Inline experience can do for you. We also invite you to browse our catalog page to explore the many classes and workshops available to you!

In the meantime, please enjoy exploring and please feel free to browse every single page of this constantly growing web site as you will find new resources being added regularly!

You are invited to join our complimentary Weekly Health e-Newsletter. Take part in our exciting events and participate in our interactive coaching programs. You may even be interested in learning more about our unique health care delivery system offered at Living Inline.

Your success is what drives us to do what we do each and every day. We do hope you will take the time now to look at what we have to offer on this web site.

Until we meet in person…

Our Warmest Regards,

Dr. Jason, Dr. Elissa and Dr. Stephanie

Living Inline