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When feeling down

Today I wanted to give some time to topics that have to do with
amplifying your resiliency when you feel the weight of the world
crashing down upon you.We know you feel down at times and we wanted to send out some quick thoughts
as to what you can do to uplift yourself when things are challenging and when you feel down.What to do when feeling down – the mega quick list:

Exercise- move your body to shift your mood and get those endorphins flowing- even if it is only 10 minutes- that equals 600 seconds- it is do-able even when you don’t feel like doing it. We get it.

Connect with someone who cares about you and will listen to you- feeling truly heard feels good

Come in for a balancing session at Living Inline- life juts feels more tolerable, and joyful
when you drop the tension that you store in your body- balancing sessions aren’t about your back they are about your life.

Surround yourself with positive stories- I love heroic stories of people who have overcome challenges and have chosen to embrace life with a resounding commitment to not let life squash their heart, faith and connection to possibility.

You want a good one,  just click on this link

Volunteer- studies show that people who serve feel better, live longer and have an overall feeling of contentment ( here’s proof)   Link :

Listen to things that fill your head with positive thoughts ( tapes, cd’s, books on tape, even your own voice on a recorder telling yourself that everything will be ok- it’s powerful- try it)

Really feel down for the day don’t fight it, just feel the feelings,- and then try to release them and start the next day new

Fast-  often we crave comfort food that only negatively effects our blood sugar- why not take a day and fast on simple broths, veggie juice or fruit- the uplifting cleansing feeling
will do you good- we promise you won’t starve to death

Create a gratitude journal and list anything that helps you connect to feelings of appreciation

Come to Living Inline and get coached by Dr. Elissa- there is something about feeling your patterns that limit you melt away or there is something so relieving about dialogue that supports your next and best steps.

Paint with music there is something so healing about color and sound- splash some paint
On a big piece of butcher block paper and watch how it gives you a lift

On the paint theme- paint one room in your house a bright color- it could even
Be the inside of your garage- go for watermelon red, bright orange, happy blue or a
Soothing white to uplift your spirits

Lets face it Arizona is dry – so go get wet- jump in the pool, soak in the bath or run in the sprinkler

Try our unstress formula at Living Inline- research shows that vitamin B amplifies mood,
And supports the nervous system.  I take it every day- I absolutely love it.Break out old pictures of people you love or pictures of a time when you were joyful-
Perhaps this will inspire new feelings of optimismAsk for help- there is something so liberating about asking a friend, a neighbor, a colleague for something you need help with

Write a letter to your higher power or to someone you really trust and really just pour your heart out and write out in detail your challenges, frustrations and disappointments. Don’t censor it either- really write from the heart and then dispose of the letter to ensure your confidentiality

Write a thank you note- Chanda knows that I am the note monster- I love writing notes of thanks, praise, gratitude, or simply a reaching out and saying hello note- I lie picturing the look on someone’s face when they know I have taken the time to tell them I appreciate them- that is of course if they can read my writing- for those who understand
that joke I am sure you are grinning right now- Ok, MOM I will work on it- I promise- sort of.

Find community- somehow, seek out people who think like you do- find a book club, a social organization, a service project, an animal volunteer organization- anything that speaks to your values and spend time with people who share those same values.

Fill a balloon up with guacamole and throw it against the wall- sounds gross but I have done it and man is it relieving!

Or-  just throw water balloons- less expensive, cleaner, and quicker and hey the water cools you off -literally and figuratively

Come to Living Inline on a Saturday and create a weekend that starts with healing, and peace Then go to the movies and treat yourself to popcorn!

Pet an animal- there is something about being around the unconditional love of an animal that just opens the heart.

Create a scavenger hunt with friends and hide silly objects and create clues- just have good clean fun

How about games like twister, boggle, monopoly, life, Janga, mini-golf, batting cages,, ping-pong- just choose fun for once- the errands will wait.

Take a self-care day-  take a day off, take a half a day off, take yourself out to lunch, tell your family you are unavailable for 4 hours, veg out at Barnes and Noble, get a manicure, pedicure, massage, hang out at Living Inline all day, eat yummy Thai Food and then get a second balancing session! You get the drift- make one day or even a half day just for you.

Choose silence- the media, news, radio, TV can be noisy at times- take one day and just be in silence- enjoy the quiet and peace and give your nervous system a break- even add a quiet time for contemplation, renewal or prayer and enjoy feeling a greater sense of connection.

I know there are thousands more strategies to list however, I hope that the few that I have listed have brought a little hope and cheer to your day and I hope that even one small ideawill bring you a greater sense of wholeness, joy and peace.

We Care.

Dr. Jason

Living Inline