I am a huge fan of Elissa’s. I guess this pretty much goes without saying as we have lived together, grown together, loved together and worked together for almost 17 years. I know, I know you are wondering , ” how could that be, Jason only looks 29 years old, so Jason and Elissa met when he was 12?”


Just kidding of course, but seriously, Elissa is one of the most profound people I know. So why am I writing this to you? I am writing this because I am often her fire, and she often soothes me and balances me out. I am pretty sure this is not any news to you.

But I am offering this up to you as I want to help create something for all of you and for my precious wife and partner. I had an idea today in that we would like to have lunch with you. Well, yes, we would like to have lunch with all of you, but how about we start in 10 people increments?

So here is the fun idea: Elissa just absolutely loves coaching. She loves the inquiry into life and what it means to live authentically and fully. She loves asking questions that have meaning and she loves eliminating things that keep us away from expressing our best selves.

So we would like to create a lunch and coaching conversation gathering at Pomegranate café with you. One afternoon within the next 30 days, Elissa will host an informal coaching group and delicious lunch at Pom right here in Ahwatukee. You can feast on delicious goodies and digest new concepts of self-advancement and growth. There is no catch, no hidden plan. Just a cool idea.

So what do you think? This offer is open to the first ten people who respond, and my sense is that we may have to create a waiting list fast. Who knows; perhaps this becomes a weekly or bi-weekly gathering and sense of connection. Maybe someone will find the clarity they are seeking, or the courage to step up, branch out, or shift.

At this time there is no charge at all for Elissa’s time at this lunch meeting and coaching gathering and we hope you can take advantage of this unique and quirky offer. Also, you can taste Cassie and Marlene’s delicious creations and I will even ask if they can create a special delectable Pomegranate dessert just for this group!

We look forward to your responses and Chanda will be coordinating the times and dates of this new and fun gathering. Chanda’s email is chanda@livinginline.com and her batphone is 480-704-2787

Sending all our best and more good to come
Dr. J and Dr. Elissa

Ps- pretty soon we will have a text line where you can text Chanda and Dawn too.

Dr. J

4221 e. chandler blvd#114
Phoenix, Arizona 85048