Every now and then I like to put myself in the place of a potential client that I may have the chance to serve, and I try to look at our practice from their point of view.


I realized that all too often, I promote the important reasons as to why someone would logically choose to get their spine checked and balanced to improve their overall quality of life.

To those who know us and know all that we have to offer, the connection between having a healthy spine and a greater expression of joy and health makes sense and is not foreign.

But for those who have not yet been exposed to us, I was inspired to
make a tangible list as to what benefits one can receive from participating in our care with us.

Benefit #1:

The concept and necessity of becoming or staying resilient in this world makes sense.

The onslaught of challenges at times seem like they are never going to end, and we have a solution and strategy to help one more greatly adapt to the demands of life. When your spine is more balanced, the messages from your brain can literally reach the cells of your body with more clarity and ease.

Have you ever been in an argument with someone and the higher version of yourself knows that what you are saying is non-productive,a and yet you just can’t seem to turn off the faucet coming out of your mouth?

In some ways in that instance, you have lost control of your ability to coordinate yourself.

When the messages of your brain are interfered with by tension patterns along the communication pathways of your body, you can not access your greatest sense of resiliency and clarity.

One huge benefit of our care at Living Inline is that you will be able to dissipate the tension you carry, and bounce back from the challenges that need to be confronted with your greatest efforts possible.

Benefit #2


Lets face it, quiet is a commodity. Cel phones, pagers, blackberry’s, iphones, webcasts, radio stations, television, news, family demands, professional expectations, personal journeys and more.

There is so much noise in the world and some of it even comes from inside of us.

On our health profile when a new client starts care we ask questions about how one centers himself or renews herself.

It is very rare now-adays that I see that question answered in a way in which people have a sustainable strategy to feel consistently optimistic, connected, centered, and fresh.

One benefit that people feel and experience just about every time they leave our office is a sense of ease, calm, quiet and peace.

We foster an environment where we demand little, and aim to offer more.

Peace is a benefit that carries over into every aspect of life, health, relationships, success and survival.

You will benefit by feeling an overall sense of life enhancement and peace.

Benefit #3


Nowadays, I find that people often feel as though the sky is falling when it comes to their body, health, and life.

At Living Inline, people often share that they are more greatly able to accomplish what they set out to when they receive our care.

It is almost as if they finally drive with the parking break off.

People flat out tell us that their sales are up, their golf game is better, they feel more patient, more flexible, more laid-back, more motivated, and more greatly able to take action.

Success is a benefit you will experience with us. When you feel more in sync within your body and health potential, the phone rings, possibilities arise, and optimism returns.

We like results. We like helping you get them.

More benefits to be shared- another benefit we offer

Thank you for all your loving support and we
send you our best thoughts of appreciation.

If thinking like this speaks to you, and you would like
to experience practitioners that have confidence in the healing process,and you or someone you know would like to more
greatly access their natural gifts and potential we invite you to:

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Coming up this month, sample night will be hosted tonight Tuesday May 8th at 7:30 pm.

Sample night will still be held at its regular time which will be
at 7:30 PM and we have heard your requests for two sample nights
a month and we hope this helps

Join us for our next Living Inline – Sample Night

Ever wonder why our gentle touches work?

We will be explaining the goals, art, science, and even a little
Philosophy behind our work as well as giving complimentary samples (of aBalancing Session that is) for those who are visiting Living Inline for the first time that night – and even for those who are currently receiving our care-a great opportunity for family, friends and co-workers!

Date: Monthly —Now– Two Times a Month
Our next class is tonight- Tuesday May 8th

Time: 7:30 PM to 8:30ish PM

Place: Living Inline -
4221 East Chandler Blvd. Suite 114,
in Ahwatukee ( Phoenix, AZ-85048)
Phone# 480-704-2787 www.livinginline.com

Come learn more about the care you are experiencing and please let
those friends and family members, who are still trying to figure out why you seem so happy and relaxed, know about this opportunity to check out Living Inline!

Drs. Jason Elissa & Stephanie

Thank you for all your loving support and we
send you our best thoughts of appreciation.

Place: Living Inline -
4221 East Chandler Blvd. Suite 114,
in Ahwatukee ( Phoenix, AZ-85048)
Phone# 480-704-2787 www.livinginline.com